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The Best PSE Compound Bows

Beginning with drawing designs during his lunch PSE Archery came from humble beginnings in 1970 in a Magnavox cafeteria. Today Pete Shepley

now owns the largest privately owned Archery business in the United States.

Standard Bow Madness

A 3 bow series, co-designed with Drury Outdoors in 2009. The bows in this series all offer the following;

  • Low hand shock and vibrations.
  • No draw press involved to adjust strings
  • The technological designs are specialized for this series which includes the Bow Madness Standard, XL and XT.

Standard Bow Madness

PSE Madness 32 70# Ready to Shoot Compound Bow, Break-Up Infinity, Right (Sports)

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Standard Bow Madness contains a sleek and thin riser and is extremely lightweight at only 3.5 pounds. Slightly bent the riser eliminates the stability problems that usually arise with such a light mass bow.

The powerhouse behind this bow is the PSE MC-Cam system. Designed for a 65 to 80% let off. The standard produces a smooth draw cycle.

Not just engineered for performance and quality, the overall value of the Bow Madness has the customers raving. Customers have found the Standard Bow Madness to be proficient, economical and genuinely a good buy.

Standard Bow Madness is a hit among the reviewers as well. With the comfortable grip and the capability to shoot 450 grain arrows.

Bow Madness XL

PSE Bow Madness XL Package Right Hand Bow, 60-Pound, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity (Sports)

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Bow Madness XL is the last bowin the series. With a brace height of 6 inches, a long axle to axle length. Unlike the standard bow, the XL is 1 cam opposed to the dual cam, yet offers the same smoothness in the draw cycle. The hand shock and vibration can be easily removed with the installation of a stabilization bar.

The only changes that the customers would have would be the changing of the strings to factory made strings.

Bow Madness XS

PSE 70-Pound Madness XS Bow (Left Hand) (Sports)

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Powered by the PSE MC-Cam this light weight and flexible bow is a great selection for tree stand and blind hunting.

It features such amenities as;

  • 3. 7 pounds in weight
  • The shortest bow in the series
  • PSE slim low torque grip

The grip is machined and considered quite comfortable by most shooters. For those who are not used to such a slim grip, you will have to take time to become adjusted.

The smooth drawing Madness cam system is reported to hit 316 feet per second. Without the use of a draw press, the draw can be adjusted in increments of 1 inch to a maximum of 26 to 28 in short draws and 27 – 30 for the long draw. This is a highly maneuverable rig and, as a short bow holds well, it does not hold as well as the Standard. With the installation of limb savers and stabilizers the shock and vibration can be tempered. Using only the bare bow, there are reports of shock and vibration.

The Bow Madness series offers the user features often seen in the more expensive bows. However this series is the most affordable and cost effective of the PSE inventory of bows.

There is only one consistent complaint and that is the fact that after- market strings are generally required.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:04 pm
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