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Stay ahead of the Game with the Bear Arena 30

Bear Archery Arena 30 Compound Bow Realtree Xtra 70# RH A5AR20007R (Sports)

List Price: $899.99 USD
New From: $781.59 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Bear Archery has been in the business since 1933 and is currently one of the most in demand manufacturers of bow and archery equipment.  They produce greatly accessorized rigs with a lot of extra movable parts. The Bear Archery Arena 30 is a hunting longbow that’s compact and offers countless adjustability deals in terms of its cam and bow feel. In a 345 feet per second IBO, it can be considered as a speed bow. Its brace at 6.5 inches is a brilliant add-on since a lot of hunters are not confident with those marks that come below 6 inches. At a price of $899.95, every shooter gets himself a great deal for this bow because of the numerous adjustment options it offers.


As a whole, Arena 30 is one of those bear compound bows that exudes some fine finish options for its users. Realtree AP snow is one good option for those who are into camo pattern bows, while for those who are not, they have a choice among the colors sand, olive or black. Each of these bear bow finishes come with black limbs as an exemption to the Realtree Xtra option. The bow has five top notch looking patterns that show the great craftsmanship of the manufacturer, leaving its riser in really great shape.


The Arena 30 riser has a very distinguishing look compared to other bear compound bows. Despite the bulkiness, the riser maintains a bow mass of 3.8 pounds as the structural design was for its better maintenance as the limbs are being drawn. This makes sense as the riser is prone to additional torque as the bow is drawn. Bear integrated a unique moving cable system to it that works very well. The riser also has two offset suppression string stops found at the top and at the bottom. These stops keep the strings from too much vibration that bring about a quieter shot. The stops are also adjustable in order to get the best fit.


The grip that this bear youth bow has is fantastic and come in two cool options. First is the rubber molded grip that feels a little blocky, but is very comfortable at the same time. For those with smaller hands or prefer a smaller grip, it is possible by removing the rubber and that gives a smaller feel for the shooter. The aluminum riser then serves as the main grip that may be colder during hunting but rubber inlays can still be added for the grip to appear top notch.

Bear Archery Arena 30 Compound Bow Realtree Xtra 70# RH A5AR20007R (Sports)

List Price: $899.99 USD
New From: $781.59 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock


Arena 30 is the bear archery bow preloaded with max quad limbs. These split limbs when stressed offer a 50 to 70-pound of maximum drawn weights but can also be adjusted by 10 pounds lighter to give an overall range of 40 to 70 pounds. The limbs have pockets contacted to multiple points to provide maximum security throughout the entire cycle of the draw.


This H15 cam from the Bear Archery is really an impressive piece. It gives an excellent performance and a wide range of adjustments that can be done easily. Having an IBO of 345 feet per second without any dreaded downsides, the Arena 30 is indeed considered as a speed bow by most shooters.

Bear Archery Arena 30 Compound Bow2To have a quick glance at the specs of this bear archery bow, please refer below:

  • IBO Speed 345 fps
  • Draw weight range between 50-60 lbs, 60-70 lbs. Selection of draw weight is required. Bows can be adjusted 10lbs below the peak of the draw weight.
  • Draw length range between 25.5-30 inches
  • 5 inches Brace Height
  • 5 inches Axle to Axle
  • Bow mass weight is at 3.8 lbs
  • 75% Let-Off offer
  • easier draw cycle and let down of the H-15 hybrid cam system and still delivers ultra-fast speeds
  • Advanced technology of the riser for even distribution of limb loads
  • Proven power of preloaded max quad limbs
  • Bi-dimensionally adjusted string suppressor that get rid of any vibration and noise during shots
  • Hinge Guard technology that reduces torque during shooting
  • High precision limb pockets for a good fit and a secure lock
  • High strength designed barrel nut for a fully adjustable limb pocket pivoting movement
  • Rubber inserts for the riser that absorb both vibration and sound
  • Rubber grip that is removable offers two good options for the shooter
  • Stainless steel bushing stabilizer
  • Bear pre-stretched Strings and cables Contra-Band HP strings BCY 8125 and cables BCY 452X – that prevents string stretch and peep rotation
  • Available in both Right Hand and Left Hand.
  • Available in Shadow Black, RealTree Xtra Green camo, and AP Snow camo colors.

Bear Archery Arena 30 Compound Bow Realtree Xtra 70# RH A5AR20007R (Sports)

List Price: $899.99 USD
New From: $781.59 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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