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Hunt Like a Pro with Apollo’s Tactical Compound Bow

Choosing a sport to love has a lot of lists to choose from. With this, bows and arrows have become in demand in the market. Through the years, a simple bow used for hunting has evolved into several variants having their own distinct features in order to fit the needs of different archers.

Tactical Compound Bow Package2Apollo Tactical is one shop where you can purchase bows that is worth every penny. They are a family business based in Florida that everyone can contact to anytime.


One of the best compound bows of Apollo incorporated with various features is the tactical bow. It comes in a complete package and gives a very good impression to every archer who receives it. If you are not a hunter, you may get intimidated by this product the first time you receive it, especially when you see the rigs that go along with the bow. At first, you will really think that it will take a pro to be able to use the bow because of its complicated look. However, the moment you take a hold of it, you will realize that it is not as difficult to use as you think it is.

Tactical Compound Bow Package1This tactical bow and arrow has an adjustable draw length 19 to 30 inches and a draw weight range between 15 to 70 pounds along with an Allen Wrench. The length and the weight are adjustable depending on what range the hunter is comfortable at. It has an 80% let off capacity in a 7-inch brace height, 35-inch length, and a 4 to 4.8 pounds bow weight depending on the installed option.


Making adjustments with this tactical archery gear is just easy to do. You do not have to be a pro in order to know how each rig works. Here are some of these rigs.

  • The peep sight is the same as that of the gun’s rear sight where the shooter lines it up with a forward sight before giving a beautiful shoot.
  • The forward site is lighted by UV that contains 5 fiber optically adjusted pins and a ring that glows in the dark to help in low lighting scenarios.
  • The aluminum CNC milled parts are used for making the cam, the body, and other important parts of most tactical compound bows. After the bow has been made and assembled using the hands, a technology that prevents dampening and vibrations is used.
  • The D loop that simply serves as an arrow release attachment, cuts the need to attach it to the main string for a more accurate shoot.
  • The system called weighted dampening, composed of 4 bows, is primarily designed for the reduction of sound and vibration.
  • The stabilizer technology of this tactical archery extends its use from countering simple weight to improving actively the shooter’s stealth and accuracy.

Aside from the options mentioned, other options include a hard bound case, removable quiver, a set of six of aluminum vanetec arrows, vanetec carbon mix arrows, field tips, and expansive head tips, a wax, a hex, a key set, and an extra latch case.

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