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We decided to create this website while we were shooting targets in our local shooting gallery because none one of us could agree on which compound bow is the best. It gave us incentive to build this website and share the information with other people.

Most of us got a suggestion which bow to buy when we were buying our first bows. However “the best bow” is very relative term because not everybody has time or resources to test out many different bows. Every one of them has good value and different efficiency in the hands of people. We all have our style.

On this website you can find suggestions that are combined from different opinions of people who have been using bows at least a decade. Our little group is trying to give our best to supply you with the most accurate reviews.

Please keep in mind that those reviews are based on the opinions of a limited group of individuals and should not be taken as the truth, but just as a suggestion. We do not sell compound bows and we are not related to any of the companies that we are suggesting on this website. We are just trying to point out factors that could influence your decision in buying the best compound bow.

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