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The Best Strother Compound Bows

Strother Archery has been in business for 5 years making the best bows possible to bring to the marketplace. Strother specializes in compound bows and through technology, craftsmanship and testing, they promise to bring you the best bows available.

SX Rush

Strothers SX-Rush All BLK 29″ 70lbs Bow RUSHBLKBLK2970 (Sports)

List Price: $699.00 USD
New From: $458.99 USD In Stock
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The Strother SX Rush bow does not offer the customer a pretty bow. What they do offer the customer is a bow that performs. Although it may prove to be a little weighty for some shooters, the improved badger cam is now much smoother than on previous Strother models and is a true work of technology.

  • With a longer axle to axle level that increases stability, this bow shoots at faster speeds.
  • The SX Rush is powered by the badger cam and enables speeds of up to 342 feet per second.

For the Woman

Another Strother engineering feat is the Strother Hope designed for women archers.

  • A longer axle than what is traditionally offered in the female bow.
  • The Hope comes in a light weight 3.75 pounds.

High end technology.

Finishes add to the good looks of this bow. You can have a choice of a black finish, which is predominately preferred, a camo finish as well as a different looking 3D deception.
The Hope as with all the 2012 models are outfitted with badger cams. The badger cam produces good speed without the hand shock.

There is a little tightness with the draw cycle, but the transitions are quite smooth. The stability of this bow keeps the bow on the target, which makes it one of the better attributes of this bow.

For both hunting and target shooting the Hope compound bow is successful in both arenas.

The Moxie

For such a young company, Strother Archery has developed some of the most technologically high end products. One such compound bow is the Moxie. With its reputation built on its target shooting capability, the Moxie has a 330 feet per second speed. It also has;

  • A longer axle than most brands
  • A generous brace height of 3/8 inches
  • A smooth draw cycle.

Using a standard dipping process, the finish is completely blemish free. With the options of a black finish, 3D finish or a Realtree AP finish.

The badger cam system on the Moxie is the most efficient cam on the market today. The cam mounts all strings and relieves most tuning issues. Dual sync cams are used and creates a timing relationship among the strings. The strings are mounted on one rather than 2 tracks, which aids in creating a better timing system.

The draw cycle on the Moxie is smooth and users do not feel any form of draw transitions. To continue with the superb workings of the Moxie, it is equipped with an 80% let off. This allows the bow to remain on target. Though there is very little hand shock without a stabilizer. The installation of a stabilizer will eliminate hand shock completely.

In spite of the youth of Strother Archery, they have managed to create high standard bows for women, target shooting or hunting. With both the technology and craftsmanship Strother has managed to produce an impressive collection of compound bows.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:25 pm
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