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The Best Martin Compound Bows

A family run business since 1951, Martin Archery is the largest Bow manufacturer worldwide. Martin Archery is the manufacturers of the top of the line series Gold and Pro.

Martin Nemesis

The flagship bow of 2013 the Martin Nemesis 35. Specifically designed for the archer who prefers a long ATA. Not only is this feature greatly appreciated by the professional archer,there are many more features that are specialized for both the professionals and non-professionals alike.

  • Easy to tune.
  • Fast and accurate.
  • Solid back wall.
  • 7 inch brace height
  • 70 pound peak weight.
  • 335 feet per second.

Designed with a set of Nitro 3 hybrid cams there are absolutely no tuning issues as well as no nock travel. It is also these cams that gives the speed to the Nemesis 35. All these features were designed with both the target line and the hunting stand while performing under any conditions.

Other components include Hammerhead strings as well as a thermal ergonomic grip that aids in the reduction of torque.

The draw cycle begins smoothly and continues to build force until the let off. Approximately half-way through the draw cycle, the torque will tighten, the let off is very abrupt and the noise is quite apparent.

There is a silencing package available that will aid the built in silencing equipment. The cost of the Nemesis 35 should make the silencing package not necessary however, the package does make a difference.

Martin Alien

The Martin Alien is new under the Martin lineup. Once under another manufacturer, the Alien under Martin has been changed and re-released. The changes that the Alien has undergone has been all positive.

  • Easy to tune.
  • Easy to shoot
  • Smooth and versatile.

Putting the focus on making quality merchandise.

  • 32 inch ATA
  • 7 inch riser
  • Recognized by the finishes offered.

There are a variety of finishes offered with the Alien. All of which stand out in the world of compound bows.

  • Bronz
  • Next GI Vista
  • Skulz

For target specific bows there is target red and frosty white.

Another unusual aspect for bows is the fact that riser is manufactured using, one piece, that is CNC machined. This has produced a rig both lightweight and strong while producing a natural noise suppression.

Standard components consists of the following:

  • Five layer X4 split limbs
  • Carbon stealth STS
  • VEM vibration suppressors
  • Stabilizer insert

There are other standard components included to make this bow one of the best in speed, looks and performance to this product.

Onza 3

Martin Archery 2013 Martin Onza Xt Nitro 3 Vista Camo Left Hand 29″ 60# (Sports)

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For the person looking for one bow that will do everything the Onza 3 is what you have been looking for.

Part of the Martin Gold Series, the bow provides quickness and accuracy and can be found in the big box stores at a very affordable price.

Onza 3 comes in a wide selection of colors;

  • Camouflage colors
  • Target colors
  • Black finish which can be used by both.
  • A few colors will lower pricing.

The Onza 3 has several things going for it. Quickness, performance, pricing, versatility, stabilizing bars as well as pre-stretched strings.

Updated: July 31, 2015 — 7:43 pm
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