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The Best Bowtech Compound Bows


Bow Tech Compound Bows

Started in 1999 BowTech has become one of leaders of compound bows and equipment worldwide. Staying atop of the newest technologies and their research and design incorporated with their engineering.

BowTech invented the Binary Cam System. What this system does is “overcomes” the limitations of the dual cam, single and hybrid eccentrics.

RPM 360

Bowtech RPM 360 Hunting Bow (60# to 70#, Lefties) MO Infinity (Misc.)

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Bowtech RPM 360

With a newly designed riser, limb pocket and improvement on the already well designed cam system the RPM 360 could possibly be described as the best bow ever. This new flagship bow does not draw like the traditional speed bows, this one has a smooth draw and for a speed bow is very quiet. There are other features that makes this bow outstanding;

  • Versatility
  • Accuracy
  • Solid platform

The RPM 360 also carries a 31 inch ATA, 6 inch brace height and 360 feet per secondibo. Using N-fused technology that is used for the new and patented bridge lock pocket system. To increase its strength the patented trapezoidal I-beam riser has been added. Though not filled with lots of glitz. You will have Octane factory strings and a flex guard cable guide.

The Binary cam system is the best that Bowtech has developed. Using a split limb system that uses a split buss system creates an extremely synchronized bow that is smooth and quiet.

The draw from beginning to end is smooth and loads quickly. Initially, out of the box there is quite a bit of vibration. However, with the application of a stabilizer and the problem is resolved.

The Assassin

Bowtech RPM 360 Hunting Bow (60# to 70#, Lefties) MO Infinity (Misc.)

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The Assassin comes with impressive specifications;

  • A draw weight of 40 -70 pounds
  • A brace height of 7 inches
  • Let off of to 80%

Bowtech AssassinDeveloped with strictly proven technologies, and Bowtech’s known engineering, the Assassin is a reliable and versatile rig at an economic price point.

The eccentric system consists of a dual binary cam system that are synchronized slave systems. This system creates a better timing system in which one cam cannot operate without the other, causing elimination of timing issues.

Two rotating features are included with this rig. The first one, the speed rotating module allows you to operate the speed of the bow, the smooth is slower, with an IBO speed of up to 333 feet per second.


The Assassin is impressively quiet and is this way directly out of the box. However, by applying cat whiskers to the strings, you will eliminate after shot noise.


  • inVelvet finish. A long wearing finish that is commonly found on Bowtech products
  • The draw stop is infinite enabling the user to draw to their precise need.
  • Out of the box ready to shoot accessories
  • Overall a great bargain.

Ready to shoot accessories

  • Comfort wrist sling
  • Alloy peep which is cornered to save on wear
  • Light weight 4 inch stabilizer

These are only a few accessories. Overall the Assassin is an economic value that made the Assassin one of 2011s best seller for Bowtech. It has quality craftsmanship, flexibility and is easy to maintain.

Click here to read more about Bowtech Assassin.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:05 pm
  • FeebLeofSpeec h

    RPM 360’s brace height is 6″, not 7″. Just like in the photo you used.

    I have the Assassin and I’ve replaced a lot of the items that came with it and it’s a great bow.

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