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The Best Bear Compound Bows

Fred Bear began Fred Bear Archery as soon as he left his parent’s home. An avid archer, Bear Archery is moving up in the ranks of manufacturers.

The Agenda 6

Bear Archery Right Hand 70# RealTree APG Camo Agenda 6 Compound Bow A4AG26007R (Misc.)

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The specifications of the Agenda 6 is what makes this bow part of the flagship bows for Bear 2014.

Containing a brace height of 6 inches and an axle length of 32 inches with a Feet per second of 350.

  • A draw weight of between 35 – 70 pounds
  • Weight 3.9 pounds
  • Let off of 75%.

There have been changes to the Agenda 6 for 2014, some of these changes consist of the new Hybrid 13 cam system which has a rotating module. This bow is easy to handle, really fast with a smooth draw.

The finish comes in Realtree AP and now in Shadow. These are only few finishes available and personalization is possible. The finishes are sure to please the owner.

With an over-mold grip, some archers may find it difficult to shoot with. However, if you find the over-mold and side panel difficult to shoot with, it is removable.

This is one rig that is manufactured out of new materials which makes the bow light with no vibration. Using dual Arc to offset string suppressors that are integrated into the riser and eliminates string noises.

The Bear Finesse

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH (Misc.)

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Bear Archery has manufactured the perfect rig for women archers. The Bear Finesse, this bow is both affordable and solid.

  • Good speed and accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Solid back wall

The types of finishes on this rig is relatively limited. With the only color being Realtree APG, the finish is film dipped and looks beautiful.

This bow is forged out of aircraft aluminum and the mill process trims mass in areas that do not necessarily need trimming. The riser only weighs 3 pounds.

There are 2 available packages for the Bear Finesse; the bare bow package, which provides the user with:

  • Offset string suppressor
  • Bear Contra band HP strings
  • Standard slide cable.

The Ready to Hunt Package which contains:

  • A Whiskey Biscuit
  • A Trophy Ridge 4 pin sight
  • A Trophy Ridge Stabilizer

Also included is the Trophy Ridge quiver as well, peep sight and D-loop. There is as well available a silencing package, which will relieve all vibration.

A Special Grip

The Bear Finesse possesses a special kind of hand grip. This grip contains side panels. This will hold the hand in a neutral position and produce accuracy.

Since the Bear Finesse replaces the Home Wrecker there are specific design differences between the two rigs.

Design Differences

Both the Finesse and the Home Wrecker are designed for women Archers. That is where the similarities end. The Finesse has included a few technological differences that stands out, one such adjustment makes the Finesse quieter right out of the box. The Finesse also comes in a Realtree camo with pink trim.

The Home Wrecker can still be found on market. However, the changes that now makes it the Finesse leaves the woman archer an accurate and affordable rig that packs a good punch at a lightweight.

Updated: July 31, 2015 — 7:44 pm
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