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Hunt Better With The Strother SX-Rush Bow

Strothers SX-Rush All APB 29″ 70lbs Bow RUSHAPBAPB2970 (Sports)

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Whether you are a hunting beginner, or someone who has been taking in the target for a long time, you need to have on a hunting device that you can depend on again and again. Even when you hunt for sport, you never know what beasts you will come across, and when you will need something to save your neck. Either way, making a clean shot is very important, regardless of your circumstance. This is where the SX-Rush Bow by Strother Archery comes in.

Highly engineered with true hunters like you in mind, the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow is a one-of-a-kind piece of machinery you never realized you have been missing. At first glance, you will see just how strong and sleek it is, and it delivers just the same. Shooting at an impressive 342 fps, this marvelous bow has PL-Technology (A.K.A.
Precision Limb Technology). This technology makes it possible to simultaneously hold dimension and deflection tolerances. The new limbs are even coated with unique materials that will structurally make them stronger.

Strother SX-RushEven though the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow is known for its immense strength, it also has an exceptionally easy draw, allowing you to pull back and shoot just as soon as your hunting mind has thought it. And because the bow is extremely silent, your target will never know you are there. The Super-Glide cable slides lessen the presence of any sort of friction that often reduces the life of other competing bows. Not only will this prevent making any unnecessary sounds that aware your target of the fact that you are there, not hearing it on your end will prove to only improve your hunter concentration and comfort.

The Badger Cam in the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow works to control the mechanics of the bow’s draw weight during the length of the draw. These changes the dynamics between the draw length and draw weight completely. Where a traditional bow ensures that the farther the hunter pulls the farther and more powerful it will shoot, the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow has such a thing as the draw force curve due to the existence of the Badger cam. In short terms, the Badger Cam allows the hunter to use a lot less of a draw to come up with the same amount of power as a traditional bow would. It is so easy and very low maintenance to upkeep. It features twin draw stop pegs, secured in two slotted incisions, allowing you to alter the bow’s let-off and valley any time and to your liking.

Strothers SX-Rush All APB 29″ 70lbs Bow RUSHAPBAPB2970 (Sports)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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Something that makes the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow very nice is the fact that each Stage One string and cable utilizes BCY bowstring and serving materials; pre-stretched to your convenience and great in eliminating twisting and creeping.

There are a few things you should be aware of. The Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow is extremely powerful, and because it is, it is highly recommended that you never dry-fire it, that is, firing the bow without an arrow properly placed in the string. If you are working on targets instead of hunting in the wild, set up a thick, stable target. The Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow will destroy other, thinner and more flimsy targets. Do not settle for cheap targets that will end up causing you to spend more money than you need to.


Besides its obvious physical superiority, the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow has an edgy camo pattern to put you in the best mood for archery. The bow has 70%-80% let-off. It is also very light, weighing only 4.5 lbs. Axle to axle, the bows measures 34”, and has a brace height of 6.5”. You will not have to worry about the bow getting in the way of your perfect aim or shot.

If you are looking for a great archery bow, have been hunting without much luck, or anything else that dampens your hunting and archery abilities, you must look into the Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow. You can purchase a Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow at the store nearest you. The bow is available in the United States in retail stores but is shipping is available worldwide as well. Strother Archery will ship your bow almost anywhere in the world, so in no time, you will be loading and shooting. The amazing Strother Archery SX-Rush Bow comes with everything: rest, sight, arrows, stabilizer, bow case, wrist sling, mechanical release, dampers, broad heads, quiver, silencers, and more. If you have any questions, you can call them at 1-800-721-9300.

Updated: July 31, 2015 — 7:44 pm
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