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Load, Pull, Shoot: Recreational Fun With The PSE Discovery 2 Bow

PSE 29-Pound Discovery 2 Bow (Right Hand) (Sports)

New From: $207.35 USD In Stock
Used from: $840.51 USD In Stock

If you have been hunting around the market, so to speak, but have not found the perfect bow to satisfy your recreational needs, look into the PSE Discovery 2 Bow. Perfect for youth and adults alike, the PSE Discovery 2 Bow, available in the colors of red and blue, has an axle to axle measurement of 31 1/2 “, a universal draw length up to 30”, a brace height of 7”, and weighs only 2.65 lbs., making it one of the lightest compound bows out there. The PSE Discovery 2 Bow has a let off 0 percentage and weak draw weights of 20 to 29 lbs. With the PSE Discovery 2 Bow, you will have the perfect way to relax and have fun on those summer camping vacation trips either by yourself, or with the family. And because the PSE Discovery 2 Bow has a 0 percentage let off, the draw is heavier.When the draw is heavier, less accidental shoots will be fired, and that in turn makes it safer for children to use.

One of the coolest things about the PSE Discovery 2 Bow is its ability to fish. Simply load in an arrow as you normally would, attach to the string, and shoot this blazing bow. Score your fish in a way never before. The PSE Discover 2 bow is fine-tuned to give a clean kill, so once you’re collect your hunt you can easily prepare it to enjoy that day or night.

PSE Discovery 2
The arrows that come with the PSE Discovery 2 Bow are one of the best hunting arrows you will ever see on the market. The arrows are thinner than the regular standard size, but are made with a carbon base that makes then much stronger, and offer more of a lethal punch. Every bundle you receive upon purchase of the PSE Discovery 2 Bow guarantees absolute straightness. Each arrow is even spine matched. When arrows are spine matched, it means that the weight of the arrows will not be compromised. They will be within +/-3 grains. These special arrows are also coated with the “whisper coating”, making them virtually silent as they wisp through the air. At the same time, this coating will make it easy for you to remove them from your targets.

The PSE Discovery 2 Bow arrows also use something that is called the Fast Recovery System, also known as FRS. This technology is ingrained into every arrow. The PSE Discover 2 Bow arrows have core alignment marks and precise feathering. If your type of shooting is target shooting instead, you can order your PSE Discovery 2 Bow to accommodate that type of shooting with target arrows. No matter which arrows you get, they will perform marvelously well, as well as be extremely stylish to possess.

PSE 29-Pound Discovery 2 Bow (Right Hand) (Sports)

New From: $207.35 USD In Stock
Used from: $840.51 USD In Stock

PSE’s tuning and alignment marks make setting up your PSE Discovery 2 Bow amazingly simple. Basic reference marks replace the usual but time-consuming lasers and levels for basic bow setup. The bow has a patented multiple mounting hole that accommodates a wide variety of sites, permitting for maximum adjustability, doing so without the need for special adapters. As you can see, when you get the PSE Discovery 2Bow, you will not need anything else.


The PSE Discovery 2 Bow includes PSE’s very own AMP cam, a high-performance single cam crafted out of high-strength air-crafted aluminum. The AMP cam utilizes the second generation possi-lock inter cam that allows for six inches of draw length adjustment. It has inch increments as well. The PSE Discovery 2 Bow AMP cam draw performance curve allows the use of the conventional single cam bow geometry, but gives even faster speeds and better tune ability. It has smooth drawing and with optimized air travel. The PSE Discovery 2 Bow AMP cam also includes laser-engraved markings for inter-cam, draw-stop attune settings, seal ball bearings and a cushion stop. The asymmetric wheel has been dynamically tuned and matched for improved performance.

While many bow brands unfortunately do not offer bows that are compatible with left handed hunters, the PSE Discovery 2 Bow does. When you order, simply make the request: it is that easy.

If you are looking for a great archery bow, have been hunting without much luck, or have not found a powerful bow that is also safe for your kids to use, you must look into the PSE Discovery 2 Bow. Not only is it a reliable machine, it is also inexpensive. You can purchase a PSE Discovery 2 Bow online or at a store nearest you.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:06 pm
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