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Martin Threshold – The Perfect Bow Toolset For Hunters

Martin Threshold Bow Set (Right Hand, 60-70-Pounds) (Sports)

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Martin Threshold bow set is not just regarded as one of the best efficient bows for those who relish in their hunting skills, the bow set also makes hunting much easier. First it provides a 75% let-off, therefore you don’t need to apply much force, and secondly it comes with a speed of 305fps, making it super-efficient on targets. With a Brace height of 6.9 inches and Axle length of 36.75inches, this bow set provides you the much needed accuracy for your hunting sessions. Martin Threshold bow is regarded as an adventure series full-size hunting bow, it is relatively lightweight, and comes with durable riser and limbs that makes it capable of achieving a 310FPS.

The Threshold bow allows for adjustments of between 25-31 inches, and each increment in inches will now affect weight which is also adjustable down from the peak weight. The Threshold bow set comes with everything you need to start shooting today, and it include accessories such as ; Twist lock 6-arrow quiver , fiber optic striker sight, and Mantis rest- these are perfect accessories that make adventure hunting even easier for a beginner hunter.
Martin Threshold
Many hunters believe they have to spend so much in order to get powerful bow sets and hunt some white-tail deers, however, trying out a Martin Threshold bow set will change that view , it is relatively lightweight, and it is fully loaded with a whisker biscuit . The stabilizer on this bow set weighs just 6lbs , and does not add much weight , neither does it affect the effectiveness of the bow. The front mount string can be stopped or adjusted to give better shots on target, while the quiver and sight also add some great functionality. You will definitely get more value for any investment made on this piece of bow set.

Martin Threshold Bow Set (Right Hand, 60-70-Pounds) (Sports)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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Most hunters who have experiences the power of Martin Threshold bow set will attest to the fact that the metal cam and the riser are two key features that stand it out from the rest. The bow can rotate beyond the stop point but doesn’t worry about this because the limb will not get compressed and you can easily handle it. Even though the limbs are not parallel , the bow set is relatively light and it wouldn’t jump out of your hand if you hold it properly. The sight ring cover on this bow comes with a plastic, while the arrow rest has been designed to confine within its location for taking powerful shots.

It is easier to make some simple additions to the Martin Threshold bow set, you can add an extra-washer to the cam stop bolt or extra stabilizer if you want , and without decreasing the speed or efficiency of the bow. The bow set maker has introduced new technology to its long traditional bow sets and it remains reasonably priced. The bow is designed with strong Aluminum materials making it both strong and lightweight. The beautiful “Camo” finish even makes the bow more attractive and it is ergonomically designed for everyone.


With other accessories such as a decent rest, quiver and stabilizer bar, the Martin Threshold bow set has been made quite flexible to fit your personal requirements. The accessories on the bow set are quite cheap compared to their values and they can be found at several retail stores. Aside the fact that the bow set can be dismantled easily, it can also be adjusted or re-assembled easily. It will be ideal to measure your draw length before you go to an archery store to buy a bow set, but the Martin Threshold bow set has been configured in such a way to fit into anyone’s draw length measurement. It takes few seconds or minutes to adjust the sight preference and draw weight of this bow set.

Many Bow sets that work similarly with Martin Threshold bow set may cost as much as three times and may not even offer the much needed flexibility you will enjoy with Martin Threshold.
This is an exceptional bow with exceptional price, it comes as a partially assembled bow set and it is not hard to figure out how to assemble all the accessories. The knee of the cable guard on this bow has been designed to keep the cables out of the way of the arrows, and you can adjust some of the presets up or down depending on your preferences. Martin Threshold bow set has remained one of the most sought-after bow sets for both professionals and beginners in hunting expenditures worldwide.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:08 pm
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