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The Versatile of Bowtech Core

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package (Sports)

List Price: $329.99 USD
New From: $329.99 USD In Stock
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The fair share is here. Bowtech Core is an innovative bow made for archers. The scopes are developed constantly by Bowtech to produce the incredible Core with a great quality. The hunting peripherals would be much better and more fun with this Bowtech Core.

For hunters out there, this Bowtech Core is loaded with an ample of feature. The accessories are included and you can’t go wrong with this incredible composite of E glass and single cam with rotating module, a piece of synthetic grip and limb containment that’s adjustable and super easy.
Bowtech Core
The overall spec

You might have read the technical spec but this time let’s talk about the user review. The powerful system and ultra light bow gives extra features for hunters. The compound lets this bow has a cheaper price tag than any other bows with similar type. The features indicate accuracy and power.

The rotating module offers easy adjustable draw. You don’t really need bow press. As for the axle to axle, the 31 inch of measurement gives a good weight. It is no wonder that customers gave great ratings on this bow.

This is a great value bow

You will walk out from the store feeling satisfied because you can get the big package of attractive bow including the accessories. It includes 3 pin apex sight, octane capture rest and lite quiver; peep sight is allowed and BCY string loop. The ready to shoot bow is easy to set up for any newbie or intermediate archer.

Light and adjustable

The core is made of aluminum. The bearings are designed to reduce friction. It increases the efficiency with the idler wheel. You can use this for wide range of shooting purpose because it has draw weight and length for almost any type of ground. The minimized materials allow the bow to have feather weight at 3.2 pounds! It is ultra light for a professional bow.

The module is adjustable in the entire draw length from 25 to 30 inch. The cam and idler have deep grooves so the reliability is enhanced. The system is quite solid without rolling the string off. The draw stop hole is also adjustable to your convenient positioning at any length.

A generous draw weight that range from 40 to 70 lets you to accept a limb bolt. The approximate 3 lbs adjustment of draw weight there is! The inspection hole is made convenience for the riser. You can really track the bolt positioning. These are the features that every archer has been looking for.

The core spec uses riser made from aluminum. The synthetic grip provides neutral wrist position. The handling is also comfortable with the broad head on the grip. The stabilizer hole provides anti shock feature plus less vibration and noise.

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package (Sports)

List Price: $329.99 USD
New From: $329.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

The core is maneuverable with just 3.2 lbs and axles of 31 inches. The grip is functional and comfy to the palm with minimum noise. Hence, you can’t hardly hear the vibration or feel the hand shock.

The string

The integrated string provides a great job without rattling. There won’t be any noisy drama when you release the arrow into the air. As one of the best selling bow, you can opt for this type of archery tool with affordable price. It is simple and fun!

The pros of Bowtech Core

The compound and light weight are two features that might turn your head to consider the tool. Using RAK system, it is enhanced with the accessories and high performance. It is one of the best priced bow with powerful system.

What is RAK system? The Ready Aim Kill system is quite noticeable the one that everyone is searching about. The equipment allows the bow to be adjustable without ever replacing the cams. The bow is ready to be used so there is no need for hassle setup or getting caught up with the manual book. A full hand of accessories is in the package along with your purchase. As the standard packaging, it gives a comprehensive tools for your archery activity.


This bow is a quiet system. The felted plungers let you release arrows quietly and gracefully without scaring off the animals you aim at.

The negative of Bowtech Core

This bow has a weaker side. The low fps is not something that you can really count on speed. However, for a day outing in the wood to hunt a small animal, this core is inevitably useful and effective. It still adds value to your choice.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:11 pm
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