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A look at Bowtech Infinite

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70# 13-30″ Mossy Oak Pink Camo with Package (Sports)

List Price: $349.99
New From: $349.00 USD In Stock
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Diamond bows by Bowtech is one of the best compound. The infinite series are suitable for female or kids who just embark on archery world. The staggering spec will make your jaw drops since the compounds are very impressive. It has a long life so your 4 year old kid could really use it after a decade. You too, can use this bow without difficulties. The setting is very easy and proper with great features for hunting. As you aim your target, the solid system lets you shoot accurately. For the apprentice, Bowtech Infinite gives a great offer with a few adjustable settings.

The infinite bow in a package

The riser and limbs plus string stopper and the string. You will get 3 pin apex and peep sight. The tool is equipped with D loop and octane deadlock arrow quiver. There is printed manual book so you can always look for explanation for setup.
Bowtech Infinite
The eccentric system

The dual cam eccentric system allows user to sync movement together. For straight arrow shot, this is a perfect ellip shape of both cams. Don’t be tricked that this is a child’s play. In fact, the smooth slide allows you as an adult, to use it. But for a starter kit, the Infinite is incredibly fun to with its friendly draw cycle.

The archers who are still preparing for proper shoot should opt for this bow. The cable slide lets you smoothly control the bow – with sturdy and solid design; it will not disturb the cable presence. The compound has diverse weight and length of draws. The weight can be set from 5 to 70.

The draw length expands between 13 to 30 and this setting is perfect for average kid or adult unless you are basketball player with unusual height.

The Infinite shooting speed

The IBO rate is 310 frames per second. The draw weight is 70 and the draw length is 30 with 350 arrows. For young hunter, the speed is not that important as long as he or she can carry the weight. It is the accuracy that matters and within a short distance you can surely count on Infinite for the scenario. When you use the bow, you will consider the speed as an adult. This is why you need higher setting of the bow.

The draw cycle

It is not an aggressive cam. The smooth draw weight has no humps on the cycle. Even when using it before the valley. It is pretty smooth with that setting and consistent on the shot even when you use it for years to practice shooting on regular basis.

The wide valley is very forgiving. It does not creep the string. The bow is suitable for intermediate or beginner. The proper form of system really puts beginner or intermediate hunters at great pace. They will easily adapt with the rough cycle.

The vibration levels

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70# 13-30″ Mossy Oak Pink Camo with Package (Sports)

List Price: $349.99
New From: $349.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

The Infinite provides less vibration level. The light weighted bow allows you to shoot comfortably for long period of session. A string stopper is built in the riser with vibration. However you can guarantee it is a quiet technology so there won’t be any noise. There is also no hand shock when you release the arrow. For younger user, this could be a great advantage since they don’t have to carry the weight.

If you want a completely muted bow, you can have a stabilizer installed with string whisker in rubber. The silencer is available separately. However, you are not required to use this.

The grip and limbs

The high quality materials used are aluminium riser that could be used for decades after your purchase. The limb is designed parallel. It looks great without any hand shock. The pivoting limb pockets minimize the shock even better and the durability is improved.


For a smaller palm, the infinite edge holds really well. It is very ergonomic with the grip and bow that’s solid and literally cheap! Although it is not one of the best gripping system but it keeps the bow stable when you release the arrow. The compound allows you to have the square in shape that holds the system well.

Overall, Bowtech Infinite is value for your money. It is a superb bow for young archers and this is a great gift for your wife or kid. As an entry level bow, it has also been used by many intermediate archers. Care to try?

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70# 13-30″ Mossy Oak Pink Camo with Package (Sports)

List Price: $349.99
New From: $349.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:42 pm
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