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Bowtech Carbon Cure: All The Features That’s Ever Built!

The Carbon cure is one of the Bowtech’s pride. The Diamond series of bow has all the features you need that are ever built!
The ultimately smooth single cam draw uses RAK system for professional archers. The draw is adjustable and user friendly. Full draw allows you to shoot comfortably with high speed.

Bowtech Diamond Carbon Cure Left Hand 70# RAK Bow Package Infinity A12391 Bowhunting (Misc.)

List Price: $745.99 USD
New From: $745.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

A full specification on Bowtech Carbon Cure:

  • Draw Weight 50, 60, 70
  • Draw Length 27-30.5″
  • Effective Let-Off 80%
  • Weight 3.3 pounds
  • Axle to Axle 32″
  • IBO Speed 325 fps
  • Kinetic Energy 82.15 ft-lbs
  • Brace Height 7″

The Carbon cure is available on RAK system with the accessories. A few time usages should be enough to prove its flexibility. Using the technology of Knight Riser, Carbon Cure is designed with carbon compound that is tough and durable at the same time. The bow is very light and even the lightest one ever produced. The draw features ultra smooth with brace and axle length completely in balance.
Bowtech Carbon Cure
What archers love the most about the Carbon Cure is that it uses rotating module system user-friendly enough to be utilized. It can slice through the air up to 325 frames per second. The bow is extremely comfortable to draw. The full draw is very solid as you release and shoot the right target. With only 3.3 pounds, you can bet that this is not just a common bow.

The new design of bow

The Carbon Cure provides new design for hunters. It has light shooting platform without any vibration. The ultra fast bow is strong with the rigs. The middle level bow can fit to any of your hunting situation. On 3D course, the bow has been used for beginners as well as passionate archers. Carbon Cure’s first launched product was doubted by many pros. But after using it for shooting, they were surprised on how pleasant this bow could deliver the shot. It gives an accurate point since it is light and solid. What’s more, Carbon cure is affordable, too. There is minor discoloration of the pattern when extensively used but the finish is sleek enough to make heads turn.

The Eccentric System

Carbon Cure uses single cam system. It has good speed with effective draw cycle. For drawback, it is quite comfortable and smooth. You can adjust the rotating draw from 27 inch to 30.5 inch. However, you should not be worried because the adjustment is very easy just by removing the screws on the module. Just by inserting the screw and slide it in appropriate position, you can get ready to use the bow.

The draw stop can be tuned in 1/8 inch. You don’t have to use bow press and setting up the boasts is at 325 IBO. It uses 350 grain arrow with minimal string weight. It could draw at 313 frames per second – a hair away below IBO. Shooter won’t find the difference since it is just 5 frames per second.

Bowtech Diamond Carbon Cure Left Hand 70# RAK Bow Package Infinity A12391 Bowhunting (Misc.)

List Price: $745.99 USD
New From: $745.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

The Limb

The riser is mounted with holes inside. The one piece parallel limbs are the typical composite that you can find in diamond series. It has shot after shot performance and it is light yet it is tough toy. The limb is strong and you can compare it to other types in the market – and you will still find this one has better performance with affordable price. With the weight of not more than 3.3 pounds, you can expect things that exceed the expectation. The limbs are materials that you can find in other heavy weight limbs.

The hunter’s bow

Carbon Cure is especially designed for hunters. It is accurate and light weighted. The bow can be used through tall trees and packed on the field during the hunt. For a range field in 3D, this hunter’s bow can also be used for national events or other competition.


The Grip

The grip features side plates that are mounted into the system. It gives a great look due to its positioning and the sleek finish. Although the gripping system is a bit large, but it gives you the solid feel as you take the shot. It is comfortable because of the less vibration.

Overall, Carbon Cure by Bowtech allows you to take accurate shots with its many features. You can use it for day to day archery hunting on woods or use it during a big competition. Carbon Cure is made for beginners and also professional archers. The fully carbon made bow is everything you need for a great shot!

Bowtech Diamond Carbon Cure Left Hand 70# RAK Bow Package Infinity A12391 Bowhunting (Misc.)

List Price: $745.99 USD
New From: $745.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:41 pm
  • Mitchell Keen

    I bought this bow mid season (November) and then shot a nice 8 point with it. I had to hold draw for a while until I was sure the buck was calm. I released and at 62.8 lbs I got complete pass through with a Rage Xtreme leading the way. Smooth, no shock and very low noise this bow gives a lot of bang for the buck. I like it better than my Invasion CPX for sure. I have Trophy Ridge React 5 sights and a QAD Ultra Rest HDX on it and absolutely LOVE IT! I shoot my GlenDel Buck target at 60 yards and nail heart shots all day long. Yes there are a lot of great bows out there and this one is in that collection. It’s a favorite of mine and now I want one in black for ground blinds but they do not offer it as of yet. The only thing that took getting used to is the short valley, but it trained me not to creep and hold anchored more consistently. This was a plus for me although frustrating at first, but has improved my form none the less.

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