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The Bowtech Assassin: Ready To Go For a Hunt?

Bowtech Assassin

Considered as one of the best compound, Bowtech Assassin is one of the elite tools chosen by more than 90% performers. The price is quite affordable for the passionate individuals. With just around $699 – you can take it to hunt with you. The unbeatable specification compromises a great deal that it can really compete with other bow brands in the market.

Since there are brands of bow that aims on elite users, the Bowtech Assassin does not follow the crowd. It is affordable but that does not diminish the fact that it is very comfortable to use with its high performance system. It is a really serious toy!


For those who prefer smart buys without looking on a specific brand, this Assassin is a smart buy. You can do the standing ovation as it has been in their fourth season and still counting. For newbie’s, especially, when you start from zero – this bow is your great equipment to go. The arrows, the case, stabilizer, sling, and many more – all of these come in your package. It is a ready-made to use. Hence, you don’t have to assemble for hours because you eventually know where to place it once you unpack your toy. The bow hunting is completely ready.

Full rigged parts

The fast bow promises less vibration so it is definitely comfortable to use. It also has less hand shock than its predecessor. It seems like the company knows how to renew their materials so well!

What’s more, Bowtech Assassin is very light weighted compared to other with similar spec. Hence, it is easy to balance the shot. The new type comes with new performance system and solid back wall. You can place rotating module or speed module on the eccentric system. There is no need to adjust the length using cams or bow press.
The package is a great deal since you can have ready to shoot accessories that come along with your purchase. This is definitely a value added!

Bowtech Assassin has in velvet finish. What’s that? For archers, this feature lies on its durability. It is also soft to the touch. Using the tool extensively won’t let it easily wear out. The in velvet feature also warm your hand when the weather is cold.

A little drawback is that there is a hump near the draw cycle. When used, this can be a little stiff.

The Assassin’s Limbs

The Bowtech assassin is less expensive than any other types but it is remarkable and efficient. It utilizes the latest technology to reduce the price and yet it still possesses the high end features. The limbs could be better but you can accept the good quality that it offers since it is very affordable.

The eccentric system allows you to adjust. It produces speed up to 330 frames per second as advertised. There are 2 identical cams that you can synchronize and they are slave to each other. One cam will not work if you don’t do the other. It is a great feature for those who dislike the slow timing. It can maximize the accuracy when shooting.

The Draw Cycle

The draw cycle is smooth on the Assassin type. Archers find that the Assassin may not be as smooth as other types but it is acceptable since it is fast. The faster the speed the stiffer it will be. The fast bow gives lots of surprises. The draw has fast module and it somehow feels better although some find it a bit slower due to the hump.

Quiet bow

The bow has a quiet feature. Many shooters love the idea that this bow has less vibration when used. The after shot noise only comes from the string. On the release, it is pretty quiet and smooth.


Overall, the Assassin by Bowtech offers a good value for your money. The best value that comes with great features so you no longer need extra money to pay for this incredible archer equipment. Bowtech Assassin is especially designed with the latest technology to give you the ready to shoot equipment at a very competitive price. It has the flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of a bow could give to the archer.

A good tool for beginners who love to hunt because it really is a perfect companion along with the installed accessories. It has good valley and solid parts for newbie or advanced archers. It has been noted as the best bows in 2011.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:10 pm
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