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Bear Encounter – The Perfect Bow For Entry Level And Professional Archers

If you want an excellent value for your hunting investment, the Bear Encounter will be a great choice. It is closely related to its sister Bow –Bear Legion, and it comes with smooth draw and easy to adjust draw length among several other cool features. The Bow is relatively lightweight, and it offers great value for beginner adult archers. This bow comes with a 32inch maximum draw length measurement and it is most ideal for tall archers. It comes with a sturdy and compact design, and it is perfect for all hunting expenditures. The wrist sling and stabilizer provided on this bow ensure that it remains in range when hunting while the draw cycle even makes it more ideal for beginners.

Bear Encounter provides sufficient Kinetic energy that allows gamers hunt down any game, it comes with a perfect introductory package that makes it ideal for practicing or hunting and regardless of your draw length requirement, and this bow will make things a lot easier for you. Some of the accessories that come with Bear Encounter are; The Trophy-ridge arrow Quiver, The Bow stabilizer, Wrist Sling, Peep sight, Whisker Biscuit, Trophy ridge 3-spin sight, Warranty card, the manufacturer printed manual, and the Bow which comprises of the Riser, cables, cam systems, string and string stopper.
Bear Encounter
Bear Encounter was launched and released in 2012, and it still provides excellence performance and comfort that you need. The bow can be described as smooth and quiet. The Bow comes with a Realtree APG colour , with a semi-gloss finishing that makes it more aesthetically appealing. The bow does not glare, it is quite durable, and you should not expect any signs of chipping or cracking for as long as you use it. The riser with the limbs on the bow is quite short in design , it is relatively lightweight at 3.7lbs, and can be easily maneuvered . The riser is made up of aluminum design and appears straight with some uniform cut-outs.

There is only one spring suppressor on Bear Encounter, while the Quad Limbs are held together with the inclusion of a zero-tolerance Limb pockets. The bow is designed in such a way that Vibrations are perfectly minimized, and the grip on the bow has also been improved with the two-layer panel style grip system. The side panels used in enhancing the grip on this bow can be found on several other bows in the lineup, and the geometry of design has created a very little Torque on the hand of the user. The bow provides some warmth for the hand if you hunting in the winter. The bow generally has well-balanced feel.

The String suppressors on Bear Encounter also offer additional functionality. The single integrated string suppressor used for the bow comes with a dampening boot made of rubber, and it suppresses vibrations of all sorts. The Eccentric system provided by the Cam on the Bear Encounter bow is also excellent, it comes with a draw length adjustment of between 27 and 32 inches and can be increased at 5inches interval. The Cam on this bow rotates on a dual stainless steel ball bearings and this allows it to provide excellent draw. The single cam on the bow has a speed of 310 fps , and that makes it great for any game hunting experience.


Draw cycle and shoot abilities on Bear Encounter are excellent. The entire draw system is cool but comes with a little extra weight at the end. It is well balanced and easy to hold at full draw which allows it to produce an 80% let-off. There is noticeable recoil that comes with the draw but it is not hard to hold. The presence of a stabilizer on this Bow increases balancing, while the slide type cable guard also adds more functionality especially in reducing vibration further. The roller guards are very smooth on Bear Encounter bows.

Experts believe that Bear Encounter is more silent than many similar bows of similar features and price range, and this has been made possible with the string suppressor . No extra features are needed on the string,the strings will also help in silencing bow and limb pockets. The riser feature is one of the features that distinguish between Bear Encounter and its closest rival- Bear Legion, both of the bows are 2013 versions , with almost the same Brace height and weight measurements, but the IBO speed, Draw weight , and Draw length are quite different , therefore you need to keep these in mind so that you don’t choose the wrong bow.

Updated: July 31, 2015 — 7:51 pm
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