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Bear Domain: Archer’s Best Friend With Real Deal

Bear Archery Domain Bow 70lb – RH A3DM10007R (Misc.)

List Price: $479.95 USD
New From: $479.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

It was launched in 2013 but you can really enjoy the long lasting comfort and quality that you don’t want to look for another type. The experts at Bear Company always continue to innovate the products so they maintain at top ten. The bows deserve a standing ovation. Bear Domain has the quality that every archer looks for.

Quick and forgiving!

It is safe to deal with, really! The color choice comes in incredibly glossy finish. It is durable and efficient especially when it has matte finish. No cracking and impressively popular for hunter.

The limb

The decent length has 33 inch axle to axle. For Bear Domain, there is dual offset string in the riser. The round shape edges offer pretty decent look even for intermediate hunters. The riser is Bear Domain
The Zero tolerance limbs connect them to its riser. The connectors can still move freely on the pivot so there is nothing to worry about. It plays a large part in getting rid of vibration. The height is 7 inch and the draw is pretty smooth. The hunting bow is shock free. You can have the convenient shooting your arrow into the air and feel the less vibration on your hands.

Easy handling

A thin neck but with wide grip – it is a removable handle with rubber mold on the side panels. The torque is very little and the rubber can keep your palm warm during the cold season. It is quite stable so when you take the shot you can have a balanced gripping. It is the characteristic of Bear production with rubber mold handle. Hence, you will find most of their products are alike.


The dual string is useful to dampen the noise. This is where the secret of quiet lies! The trade mark of Bear’s may have been very visible all this time because the suppressors are enhanced with thick rubber boot. It silences out the arrow release and the sweet look really gives a unique catch. For users, you will find this really attractive.

Bear Archery Domain Bow 70lb – RH A3DM10007R (Misc.)

List Price: $479.95 USD
New From: $479.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

The Bear Domain Eccentric System

The rotating module allows you to have a simple bow without any bow press. The stainless steel bearings provide you with exceptional idler wheel. The bow provides standard cable and string with 50, 60, and 70 lb. The draw cycle is smooth and the speed is quite fast with 322 feet per second. The rate is accurate! You can imagine a single cam bow with that speed?

Shoot ability

The bow has slight bump on the back part so it has a great balance to provide zero shock. The generous valley has the size of ¼ to ½ inch. You can always have a room for movement. The stabilizer provides you with a quiet vibration. Thanks to dual string suppressors. The cable guard system is not smooth but it is acceptable for some reasons. It performs great when doing its job.

Affordable bow

As one of the quietest bow series, Domain is really affordable. The vibration is hard to notice due to the suppressors in dual string. The good thing is that you don’t need add on the string! You can have the freedom to move on the pivot.

The bear domain is comfortable to shoot and if you are looking for a serious hunting tool you can count on this light weight bow. It is a great value of money with more features to offer than other types like Method.

For a recreational 3D event, it would be great to use Bear Domain. It can satisfy your thirst of hunting as many archers use this type. The decent speed and average comfort are the features that wide range of archers finds it great. Even for entry level, it is a good option if you are still confused about choosing the right equipment. For low budget bow, Bear Domain gives you the right equipment.



The Bear Domain gives you the decent speed. The single cam provides exceptional speed that is quite fast and reliable. With the suppressors, you can have less vibration and shock free bow. A great look on the design gives elegant touch that seems expensive for this affordable bow. It has the comfort and improvement from the previous type. The brace height uses 7 inch size – which is very nice! Not to mention the riser style that makes it very edgy for an archer. Let this bow be yours!

Bear Archery Domain Bow 70lb – RH A3DM10007R (Misc.)

List Price: $479.95 USD
New From: $479.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:38 pm
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